The town of Kargopol is one of the ancient towns of northern Russia. It was founded in 1146 by Novgorodians. Kargopol stands on the both sides of the Onega river in the south-west of the Archangelsk region not far from the Latcha Lake. During several centuries it played a noticeable role in the life of ancient Russia as a large trade center and an important outpost in the north-west outlying districts of the country. Kargopol was connected either directly or indirectly with some important events of Russian history. Our town withstood a siedge of foreign troops twice: in 1612 and 1614. At the beginning of the 17 th century the leader of the insurrection of Russian peasants Ivan Bolotnikov was exiled to Kargopol. Then he was blinded and drowned in an ice-hole in the Onega river. In the second half of the 17 th century in the period of schism the town and its environs became the refuge of old believers.

When Archangelsk and St. Petersburg appeared Kargopol Lost its importance. But our town is famous for its precious monuments of medieval Russian architecture /the wooden and Stone churches mainly/

The earliest of these buildings is the stone cathedral of Nativity of Christ, 1562.

Now there are three stone churches of the 17 th century In Kargopol :the church of the Nativity of the Virgin, the Church Of the Resurrection, the Church of the Annunciation. The characteristic feature of these churches is the extraordinary beauty of architectural ornaments. The best of them, the church Of the Annunciation, is charming in its graceful proportions, in Richness of ornamental details. It is one of the most magnificent Monuments of Russian architecture.

You can find some wooden churches in the neighbourhood of Kargopol: in Krusniya Lyaga (1655) in Saunino (1665), architectural ensemble in Lyadiny (two churches and a bell-tower, 18 th century). There are very few churches left in Russia where you can see extremely beautiful "sky": the church of Manifestation of the Lord in Oshevensk, the church of St. John Good Speaker in Saunino.

Come to Kargopol and see it.

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